Newest pump-free penile prostheses can be a more effective solution for ED patients than it used to be before

A pump-free and touchless way of activation of nonhydrauvlic penile prosthesis function similarly as other hydraulic inflatable prosthesis. Experts say that patients could use effortlessly and it would be easier to implant it for urologists.

The reliability of penile implants is a matter of special concern

If something goes wrong with mechanical devices, this is a huge disadvantage for the patients that brings big discomfort to them. Kevin McVary, MD, from the Southern Illinois School of Medicine in Springfield wants to do everything to avoid it. The specialists try to develop the device, which could turn this complicated procedure into easy one.

Comfort matters much in such issue

Dr McVary worked over the problem with his team and they showed that penile prostheses could be also activated without use of reservoir and pumps. The material was presented at the Annual Meeting of American Urological Association in 2015, which took place in New Orleans.

Technical characteristics of the newest penile device

The nonhydraulic shape-memory prosthesis was made of nitinol - a metal alloy frequently used in production of medical devices. For its activation a 1000 W Mini-Ductor II and a 2,5 cm coil was used.

Dr McVary explained what should be done to turn the configuration of the device, which should turn from flaccid to erect. The perpendicular force that was necessary for it was 0.3 kgf - almost equal to the force necessary to make inflatable prostheses function.

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